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This special edition Polaroid is a neon-soaked 80s throwback

The Polaroid 600 is already a retro classic: the boxy instant camera hit the scene in 1981 and quickly became an icon. But design studio Retrospekt thought it deserved a true throwback glow-up. The limited-edition InstantArt Polaroid takes inspiration from pixelated ’80s and ’90s computer graphics, along with a colour scheme that wouldn’t look out of place at a roller disco or rave.

The collection includes three different colourways, comprised of hot pinks, electric blues and vivd yellows – a far cry from the original Polaroid 600’s basic black finish. Geometric patterns and a set of pixel-art-style symbol stickers complete the look.

Each one is based on authentic Polaroid 600 components, refurbished in-house by Retrospekt, and uses newly moulded plastic shells. The firm is no stranger to pre-loved tech, and has released several Polaroid collabs in the past – but this is the first that wouldn’t look out of place in the Saved By the Bell intro credits.

“With InstantArt, we wanted to create a fun little throwback to those early days of digital art and its enduring influence on visual culture,” Retrospekt Creative Director Michael Kempen said. “These cameras celebrate the joy, quirkiness and unmistakable style that defined an entire generation’s first exposure to the computer as a creative tool.”

Even the packaging gets the retro treatment, looking like a box of shrink-wrapped software before CD case sizes became standardised.

Naturally the camera shoots on Polaroid 600 film, which is now readily available directly from Polaroid in colour and monochrome options. Each pack is good for eight shots, and will set you back around $20/£19.

Camera collectors will need to move fast if they want an InstantArt Polaroid; most of the run will be sold in Asia as an exclusive retail partnership, with the remaining units available through the Retrospekt website. US shoppers can expect to pay $179 each.

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