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This smart security camera is the first to offer colour vision at night

With plenty of security cameras to pick from, how do you decide which one to go with? Each offering has a bunch of different killer features to tide you over. But on the whole, they mostly do the same thing. Not this smart security cam. The new Reolink Argus 4 Pro is the first offering that gives you full colour vision in both day and night.

Reolink’s Argus 4 Pro is armed with dual 4mm lenses that deliver a sprawling 180-degree view in 4K UHD. This is high-definition, every-blade-of-grass-stands-out clarity. Reolink’s dual-lens setup eliminates blind spots and distortion issues that have plagued other cameras. They’ve packed in advanced algorithms to make sure you get a seamless, panoramic view without those weird fish-eye effects.

Night vision has always been the Achilles’ heel of security cameras, but not anymore. With Reolink’s ColourX technology, the Argus 4 Pro captures full-colour images even in low light. Forget about those eerie, glowing-eyed intruders. Now, you’ll see them in all their dubious glory, just as you would during the day. This tech also means the camera is more energy-efficient, saving up to 2W/h when in night mode. It also boosts battery life by a solid 30% compared to its infrared peers.

Connectivity woes are a thing of the past with the Argus 4 Pro’s Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6. This means super-smooth 4K streaming to the app and rapid data transfer, even if your home network is busy. You can stream, download, and access real-time footage without the buffering and lag that make you want to pull your hair out.

Reolink hasn’t skimped on the privacy front, either. The Argus 4 Pro features end-to-end encryption, customizable privacy settings, and a variety of data storage options, all subscription-free. The Argus 4 Pro is also a breeze to install anywhere you fancy, and it’s equipped with smart detection features. They send you accurate alerts, so you’re not constantly bombarded with notifications every time a leaf blows past.

It also supports a hefty 128GB SD card for local storage and works with the Reolink Home Hub for expanded options. Plus, it promises a full 24-hour battery life from just 10 minutes of charging. You can get your hands on the Reolink Argus 4 Pro now for $240, which comes with a solar panel to keep the battery topped up. It’s available to order directly from Reolink and Amazon.

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