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This LG projector designed to tackle the Samsung Freestyle is accessible to pre-order

Trying to create the perfect home cinema set-up? Things can get pretty complicated. But if you’re after a big screen, projectors are usually the way to go. Home projector are particularly good, as you can place them close to the wall and take them with you on the move. And LG’s latest is no exception, designed to give you as many options as possible – and looking good while doing so.

Flashback to CES 2024, where LG first showed off the CineBeam Q. The brand unveiled a design that’s as much about aesthetics as it is about function. Now, the latest CineBeam is ready to hit the shelves (and your living room wall). It’s a projector with a 360-degree rotatable handle. It’s ready to be whisked away to your next glam outdoor movie night or simply to be moved from room to room without throwing your back out.

But the CineBeam Q isn’t just about being easy on the eyes or a breeze to cart around. When it’s showtime, this projector doesn’t shy away from the spotlight, dazzling with 4K UHD resolution images that can stretch up to 120-inches. It packs HDRR10 support for crispy content and a contrast ratio that screams drama – 450,000:1, to be precise. A fan of colour accuracy? You’ll be pleased to hear the CineBeam Q covers 154% of the DCI-P3 colour gamut.

LG’s CineBeam Q is kitted out with Auto Screen Adjustment to take the faff out of setup, ensuring you’re not fiddling around when you could be watching. Paired with LG’s latest webOS software, it’s not only smart but also incredibly well-connected. You get direct access to all the best streaming services without a hitch. As if that wasn’t enough, AirPlay and Miracast give you even more options.

Fancy getting your hands on LG’s latest projector? The CineBeam Q (model HU710PB) is making its grand entrance with pre-orders starting from March 18. It’s headed to South Korea first, then to the US, UK, Canada, and a plethora of other countries. For those in the UK, the CineBeam Q will set you back £1300, with the official launch slated for 1 April. When you pre-order directly from LG, you’ll snag a £200 discount. US pricing starts at $1299, and a similar $100 pre-order discount is on the table.

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