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This Cambridge Audio streamer offers you entry to all of the music you can need

Cherished audio boffins, Cambridge Audio, have a rather good rep when it comes to hi-fi audio. Some of the brand’s most popular devices are music streamers – like new age radios that can connect to music streaming services. Following up to the popular CXN V2 is the CXN100 streamer that packs some big improvements.

At the heart of this beast, you’ll find the ESS ES9028Q2M SABRE32 Reference DAC – a high-resolution audio maestro. It juggles PCM digital signal inputs up to 32-bit 768kHz and DSD 512 with the finesse of a circus performer, but without the scary clowns. The result? Audio so clear, you’d swear the musicians are in the room, serenading you personally. Compared to the CXN V2 and its Wolfson DAC, the CXN100’s DAC is a big upgrade.

The audio stage of the CXN100 has been pimped out with new capacitors and op-amps, making the signal-to-noise ratio and distortion levels something to brag about at the pub. It’s cleaner, crisper, and guaranteed to annoy your neighbours in the best possible way. For the streaming connoisseurs, the CXN100 boasts the latest StreamMagic Gen4 module. You can beam music from your favourite streamers, including Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect, Qobuz, and Deezer. High-resolution Internet Radio? Check as well.

Connectivity is a doddle with the CXN100. It offers USB, Coaxial, and TOSLINK holes, as well as Chromecast, Roon, AirPlay 2, and Bluetooth if you want to ditch the cords. Controlling this streamer is all done through the StreamMagic app. Or, for those who like a bit of old-school, a CX Series system remote. And let’s not forget the 4.76in high-resolution colour screen, making album art pop like never before.

As for getting your hands on one, it’s available to order directly from the brand or from other retailers for $1099/£899/€1049.

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