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16 EnSili Apps to Help Improve Your Mac Experience

EnSili brings you The Big Mac Utility Bundle – a unique collection of 16 Mac applications that can significantly enhance your experience on your Mac. This bundle includes a variety of useful apps such as a free Wi-Fi finder, a clipboard manager, and a simplified document filing system. And that’s not all – all apps in the bundle include minor updates to ensure you’re always getting the best possible experience on your Mac. 


So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive set of utility apps that can help you get the most out of your Mac, the Big Mac Utility Bundle is perfect for you!


Colori ($9.99 Value)

Generate a color palette from one color, organize your palettes, preview, and export.

ToAnything ($12.99 Value)

Batch media conversion for macOS, made easy

CodeCounter ($9.99 Value)

Detailed code counter for macOS – count the lines of code in any project

QR Wizard ($9.99 Value)

Generate & style beautiful QRCode images directly from your Mac 

Tidier ($12.99 Value)

Organize your files by kind, in a way that makes sense

Web2Mac ($12.99 Value)

Any website can find its way into your dock, as a Mac app 

AllClips ($5.99 Value)

Keep track of your clipboard, recover lost clippings, and never lose anything again!

SpeakMe ($9.99 Value)

Instantly convert any text to audio with a single click from your Mac

PhotoFoundry ($19.99 Value)

Professional-quality conversion and batch-processing of photos and images from your Mac

JSON Wizard ($14.99 Value)

Edit, visualize, export – the ultimate JSON-driven Data Management app

WiFi Radar Pro ($29.99 Value)

Scan, monitor, and troubleshoot any wireless network. The go-to WiFi analyzer for Mac

Iconize ($9.99 Value)

Automatic App icon generator, with multiple platforms supported + icon customization

Squeezer ($24.99 Value)

Minify, compile & compress your web files and images in macOS with just a single click

Markdown+ ($14.99 Value)

Write, style, preview, and export markdown in macOS, easy-to-use Markdown editor for Mac

AppKiller ($5.99 Value)

Instantly kill all your open Mac apps with a single click from your status menu

FileUnhider ($5.99 Value)

Instantly hide/unhide all your Mac files with a single click from your status menu


System Requirements

  • macOS 12.0+
  • Compatible with M1/M2 and the latest macOS Sonoma


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