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That is the way forward for wi-fi charging, and it turns any floor right into a charger

When it comes to wireless charging tech, we’ve seen a lot. There are Qi charging pads and magnetic pucks with MagSafe that can juice up your phone without any wires in sight. But the future of wireless charging is going to turn any surface into a charger. FreePower, behind Tesla’s in-car wireless charging pad, has shown off its new charging tech at the 2024 Kitchen and Bath Show in Las Vegas.

They’re showing off a version of FreePower that lives in your countertop. It’s here to make your kitchen counter – yes, that flat thing you probably leave your post and keys on – a giant wireless charger. You can wave goodbye to your precision placement woes. It charges up to three devices at once, without you needing to perform the delicate balancing act of aligning them just right. And just for a bit of pizazz, there’s a strip of LEDs on the surface to show off your charging hotspot

Underneath your counter (or any other surface) is where things get really clever. You’ll find an array of FreePower’s wireless charging coils, all based on the Qi 2 standard. They all overlap with one another, which allows you to place your phone anywhere. There’s a protective cover and cooling system to make sure things don’t go wrong inside your countertop. The coils are close enough to the top of your surface that your phone can still maintain a connection. Pretty clever stuff, eh?

But, don’t rush out to the shops just yet. FreePower isn’t available yet, and when it is, it won’t be an off-the-shelf product. Instead, the brand is partnering with builders, designers, and other industry professionals. They’ll be able to install the system when you get a kitchen remodel. Or, furniture brands will start building the tech into the products you buy. Kitchen counters aren’t the end goal, FreePower is also working on bed stands and other household items that you’d set your phone on.

It’s unclear quite when FreePower’s chargers might make their way into kitchens. Things are still under wraps for now. But it looks like this is the future of wireless charging, so get ready to say goodbye to your pucks.

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