Teledyne FLIR Optical Fuel Imaging Digicam

The Neutrino LC OGI Optical Gas Imaging Camera

Imaging company Teledyne FLIR recently announced their new Neutrino LC OGI optical gas imaging camera module, an ITAR-free mid-wave infrared (MWIR) imager, made in the USA, designed to detect, measure, and visualize harmful gas emissions. The Neutrino LC OGI is perfect for compact, low-power applications like UAVs, small gimbals, handheld devices, and fixed-mounted leak detection systems. 

The Neutrino utilizes the MWIR frequency to detect and identify methane and other hydrocarbons, including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The camera has two modes- a 640×512 VGA resolution mode with up to eight times digital zoom, maximizing scene awareness, or bin mode, which enhances sensitivity to an impressive <20 millikelvins (mK), creating a crisp, high-contrast image perfect for complex applications like leak detection. 

 Dan Walker, vice president of product management at Teledyne FLIR, said, “The detection and mitigation of harmful hydrocarbon and chemical leaks into the air represents a significant priority for regulators and impacted industries. The Neutrino LC OGI is the low-risk and high-performing OEM camera module for integrators developing methane monitoring and other gas imaging solutions today.”

The camera is highly optimized for SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) and features Teledyne FLIR’s High Operating Temperature (HOT) FPA technology and a quiet, low-vibration, and long-life linear micro cooler. FLIRr’s longstanding reputation for reliability and their 2-year warranty make it a strong pick for integrators creating products for processing facilities, refineries, pipelines, tank farms, and well pads for the oil and gas industry. Integrators will also have access to Teledyne FLIR’s technical support teams, a full suite of hardware accessories, and a software development kit to reduce development costs.

More information on Teledyne FLIR’s new Neutrino LC OGI is available here

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