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Tefal’s comfortable your pans aren’t sticking, so is beginning floorcare with this cleansing vary

Happy that your frying pans aren’t sticking, Tefal is looking to move elsewhere in your home. While the brand is synonymous with the top home gadgets, it’s shied away from the cleaning (don’t we all!) in the UK. Over on the continent, it’s been dust-sucking for years now. But the brand is debuting this expertise to UK soil – as Tefal rolls out the new X-Force range. It’s a line-up of four stick vacs that’ll help keep your floors clean.

Having spent six years dominating the European market, Tefal tailored the X-Force range to meet the peculiarities of British homes. This new line-up of stick vacs comes equipped with flex technology that laughs in the face of bending down to get in those hard-to-reach places. There’s also a brush roller that’s a godsend for the nation’s army of pet owners. If your home’s a mix of carpets and hardwood floors, fret not. These vacuums automatically adjust their suction power to keep your floors spick and span, maximising battery life as they go.

Tefal’s also thrown in a digital screen to keep you posted on power intensity and battery life. And there’s a Boost mode for those moments when you need just a bit more oomph. And for the pièce de résistance, Tefal is offering the X-Force Aqua Head – a nifty accessory that lets you vacuum and wash your floors in one fell swoop, priced at a neat £100.

The X-Force range has something for everyone, with models priced from £350 to £480. Whether you’ve got pets, a car, or a particularly troublesome carpet, there’s a model ready to take on the challenge. Tefal’s new range will be available from this month, and you can order directly from the brand or third-party retailers. You even get a 15-year repairability guarantee on any X-Force vac models.

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