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SwitchBot’s new Lock Professional is suitable with most lock varieties

While there’s plenty of smart home kit to ramp up your home security, smart locks are ideal for making sure your gaff is safe. There are plenty of options to pick from, but compatibility is an option. Most locks are tailored for the US-style deadbolts, leaving those in Europe with fewer options. But SwitchBot’s latest smart lock – the Lock Pro – is compatible with most doors and locks. And it packs the same Wi-Fi controlled smart features you’d expect.

SwitchBot’s Lock Pro is designed to buddy up with a bunch of lock types across different regions. Whether you’re rocking Euro Profiles or getting jiggy with a Double Cylinder Deadbolt, the Lock Pro has got your back. This is the type of lock you retrofit. This means you can make your old door smarter without any drilling or door defacing. And for those with more unique tastes, there’s even a 3D printing after-sales service to tailor to your lock’s every whim.

The Lock Pro throws open the doors to convenience with a 15 unlocking methods. Fancy a bit of James Bond action? It’s got fingerprint recognition that’s quicker than a wink, clocking in at 0.3 seconds. Or perhaps you’re more of a gadget fiend, in which case, remote unlocking, voice commands, and even a tap of your Apple Watch will do the trick. Not forgetting the Quick Key. It’s a nifty feature for moments when you’re laden with groceries and need a quick click to get in. Plus, it’s got a soft spot for the traditionalists among us, keeping your original key functionality intact.

Worried about battery life? The Lock Pro marches on with 4 x AA batteries, boasting a stamina that’s 1.5x better than its rivals. The Dual Power Pack keeps this lock going for up to a whole year. Plus, a passive power supply feature ensures you’re never left out in the cold. For the smart home aficionados, the Lock Pro doesn’t disappoint. This device crams in Matter support for that seamless smart home integration we all dream of. And because security is no laughing matter, SwitchBot has packed in auto-lock, real-time notifications, and virtual passcodes.

Ready to give your front door a smart upgrade? The SwitchBot Lock Pro will set you back a modest $120/£140/€140. There’s a pre-order offer on the brand’s website, letting you nab this bit of kit for $90/£100/€100. It’ll be shipping out in the coming weeks. And for those who want the whole shebang, the Lock Pro + Keypad Touch + Hub Mini Matter Enabled bundle is up for grabs at a pre-order price of $150/£160/€160, down from the MSRP of $200/£240/€240.

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