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Don’t miss out on next week’s Dawn of Drone podcast episode. Right now, aerial firefighting is more important than ever for communities around the world.

Join Twilight and Guests Todd Spain, Executive Director of The Advanced Mobility Collective and Ben Miller, Director of Colorado’s Center of Excellence (COE) for Advanced Technology Firefighting during the next episode of the Dawn of Drones PodcastWednesday ‌ ‌Aug‌ ‌11th, ‌ ‌11‌ ‌am‌ ‌ET‌ Directly here at DRONELIFE.‌

To sponsor this episode’s, The Collective is a not-for-profit global network of companies and experts bringing new mobility services to life in health care and disaster management and recovery, including outdoor fires. The Collective is working with the COE to drive technological advances that improve fire fighting practices and influence innovations across the public security community

Make sure you continue in as we‌ this‌ month‌ of‌ the “high” Impact‌ use‌ of cases‌, generously‌ sponsored‌ by‌ WhiteFox‌ the defense, (In case you missed it, watch Dawn’s interview with WhiteFox CEO Luke Fox while they talk about the current drone security environment – and how government agencies and corporate organizations can protect their critical locations.)

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