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Snap recollects its Pixy drones which have a behavior of setting alight

Snap’s ambitious leap into the drone market has taken a nosedive into the realm of safety hazards. The lightweight Pixy drone, once hailed as a “free-flying sidekick,” is now deemed a potential pyrotechnic hazard by the US. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The short-lived aerial venture is now being recalled due to a fiery temperament. Or more precisely, a battery issue that’s a bit too hot to handle.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has waved the red flag on all 71000 units of the Pixy drone. If you’ve got one, you’re officially advised to ground the drone, yank out its battery, and stop charging it. The reason? These drones have a habit of turning into unexpected fireworks, thanks to a problem with their rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Essentially, don’t fly, it might fry.

Snap’s foray into drone technology was a brief affair. Pixy was available for around 4 months before the brand pulled the plug on the $230 device back in August 2022. Reports have come in of four instances where the batteries started to swell, causing one minor fire and a minor injury. Not exactly the kind of snap you’d want from your drone.

If you’ve got a Pixy drone, Snap’s got you covered with a full refund and instructions on how to safely part ways with your potentially combustible drone. You can reach out to [email protected] for further instructions. While Snap’s venture into the skies might be over, it’s worth noting the company’s other hardware exploits, like its smart spectacles, are still kicking around.

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