Sky Parts’ Tremendous Bowl Drone Present Lights Up Las Vegas

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The 1,000 drone Super Bowl drone show: bringing the game to life in the sky.

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The skyline of Las Vegas became a canvas for an extraordinary spectacle as Sky Elements orchestrated a breathtaking drone show over Resorts World during the Big Game weekend. A fleet of 1,000 drones took flight, mesmerizing thousands of onlookers and delivering an unforgettable experience that elevated the excitement of the game to new heights.

image credit Sky Elements Drones

From colossal helmets to towering 400-foot-tall football players, the Sky Elements team crafted awe-inspiring formations that brought the spirit of the game to life in the night sky. The grand finale featured an endzone celebration that rivaled any seen on the field, eliciting cheers and applause from the enthralled crowd below.

Chief Pilot of Sky Elements, Preston Ward, expressed pride in the team’s accomplishment, stating, “As huge football fans ourselves, we knew we wanted to fly an epic drone show for the Big Game,” said Preston Ward, Chief Pilot of Sky Elements. “Our Vegas-based drone crew worked diligently through the day to bring this spectacle to life, and we couldn’t be prouder of the result.”

image credit Sky Elements Drones

This event marked another milestone for Sky Elements, a company renowned for its innovative drone entertainment productions. Following successful performances in 2023, including a 1,000-drone F1 drone show and an epic Golden Knights drone show, the team returned to Vegas for yet another remarkable production.

“Flying drone shows for sporting events is truly special because sports fans have a unique attachment to the material,” remarked Preston Ward. He noted the priceless reaction from fans witnessing their favorite athletes represented in monumental ways.

image credit Sky Elements Drones

The impact of Sky Elements’ drone shows extends beyond the night sky, as evidenced by recent performances such as the tribute to Kobe Bryant with 824 drones at Dodgers Stadium, highlighting the emotional resonance and cultural significance of their work.

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