Simple Way Pet Grooming Vacuum, 6 in 1 Dog Grooming Kit (New – Open Box)


Pet Grooming Has Never Been This Easy

Give your pet a professional groom at home without the mess! The Simple Way Dog Grooming Vacuum features interchangeable clipper heads (3mm-12mm) for all fur types, and a built-in vacuum sucks up hair as you trim or comb, keeping your home fur-free. Three suction modes offer customization for different needs, while noise reduction technology (75dB) keeps your pet calm. The 2.1L dust cup handles multi-pet or large dog grooming, with a 70.8-inch hose for reach. Plus, the removable dust cup and circular storage design ensure easy cleaning and space-saving convenience.


Effortless Home Grooming

  • Interchangeable Clipper Heads (3mm-12mm): Find the perfect trim length for any fur type, from short-haired cats to long-haired dogs
  • Built-in Vacuum: Keeps your home fur-free by sucking up hair as you trim or comb 
  • Three Suction Modes: Customize the power for different grooming needs
  • Noise Reduction Technology (75dB): Keeps your pet calm during grooming sessions
  • 2.1L Dust Cup: Handles grooming for multiple pets or large dogs
  • 70.8-Inch Hose: Provides ample reach for comfortable grooming
  • Removable Dust Cup: Makes cleanup quick and easy
  • Circular Storage Design: Saves space when not in use


What Does “New Open-Box” Mean?

This product is listed as a New Open Box item. New Open Box items are typically considered excess inventory from store shelves. They usually have assorted stickers on the packaging and have been exposed to customer contact. In addition, since most of these items have been returned from retail stores back to the warehouse, the packaging sometimes shows signs of extra handling. These products will go through verification that they are still in new condition and put in clean packaging.



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