Portable USB Rechargeable Collapsible Water Flosser


Ditch the Floss & Embrace the Flow

This water flosser removes bacteria deep between teeth and below the gum line, reaching areas unreachable by brushing or flossing. Choose from 3 modes (soft, normal, pulse) for a personalized clean. It even massages gums for improved circulation and healthier gums. Perfect for cleaning around dental bridges, braces, and crowns, this irrigator features a comfortable, ergonomic handle and a 360° rotating nozzle for easy maneuverability. Plus, the 7.5 oz water tank provides a thorough clean, and the included USB cable makes recharging a breeze.


Remove plaque & dilute harmful toxins

  • Deep Cleaning: Removes bacteria deep between teeth and below teeth & below the gum where brushing and flossing can’t reach
  • Healthy Gums: Massages & stimulates gums to improve circulation and keep your ums strong and healthy

Easy to use

  • 3 Modes: Choose between Soft, Normal & Pulse modes
  • 360° Rotated Nozzle: Lets you easily control water flow to reach all areas of the mouth
  • Auto Shut Off: Turns off after 2 minute cycle is complete
  • 7.5oz Water Tank: With dual design for easy water refill


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