PlayAIBox Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Wireless Adapter with Streaming Service Support


Experience Wireless Entertainment with Wide Compatibility

Upgrade your driving experience with the latest edition of the PlayAIBox Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Wireless Adapter. You can now enjoy wireless connectivity for calls, navigation, music, and voice assistance on your Apple or Android smartphones. With built-in YouTube and Netflix, your gang or family can stream their favorite content seamlessly. And if that’s not enough, you can download your favorite Apps from the Google Store, such as Hulu and Disney+.


The adapter also allows you to mirror your smartphone screen for better visuals. You can store media on external SD cards up to 128GB (not included.) Stay connected via Wi-Fi for in-car entertainment and information. The adapter is designed to perform well in any environment, from -30°C to 75°C, with reliable 5V=1A power input. Expand your car’s capabilities today!


Enhance driving connectivity with dual smartphone compatibility

  • Allwinner A133 chip: Supports the use of multiple apps at the same time without lag
  • Built-in Play Store: Supports Google Play Store to download more apps
  • Versatile: Supports more than 800+ vehicle models
  • Dual compatibility: Supports either Apple or Android smartphones

Dependable performance in any condition

  • External SD card storage: Offers up to 128GB of storage to give you ample space for media & applications (not included)
  • Robust performance: Operates reliably within a broad working temperature range (-30°C to 75°C) and with a 5V=1A power input

How to connect wireless Carplay/Android Auto?

  1. Please click on the “Speedplay” App to enter the connection page
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth and WIFI of the Apple phone/Android phone
  3. Search the Bluetooth name “Smart AI box displayed on the car machine on the
  4. Bluetooth interface of the mobile phone, and click pairing



  • The first connection requires a wait of 30-45 seconds
  • This product does not support built-in GPS, but you can use your phone’s GPS
  • Supports Wi-Fi and hotspot connections, but does not support SIM cards
  • Supports both Apple & Android devices, but cannot be used simultaneously

IMPORTANT: While the adapter is designed to enhance your driving experience, video streaming is intended for passengers only. It’s important to prioritize safety on the road. Driver is responsible for assessing the risks associated with using this device and maintaining safe driving practices.



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