Obstacle-Avoidance Drone for Beginners


Reach new heights (literally) with this 4K Dual-Camera Drone. It’s equipped with an HD 4K front camera that supports a remote 90° control angle and a bottom camera with a 120° wide angle. This drone also uses optical flow positioning, allowing the bottom camera to accurately capture the ground or any object, keeping the drone in a hovering state. The precise locking height allows the drone to stay stable while capturing wonderful pictures and videos. With gesture control, obstacle avoidance, gravity control, and more intelligent functions, this drone is easy to operate. Perfect for kids and beginners alike!

  • Dual camera. Equipped with an HD 4K 90° front camera & 120° wide angle bottom camera
  • Optical flow positioning. Keeps the drone in a hovering state while capturing the ground or any object
  • One key start/stop. Drone will hold in 1.5m high place; it doesn’t drift around or lose control
  • FPV transmission. Can reach up to 328ft/100m
  • Gesture control. Palm gesture or make a fist to take photos or video
  • LED super lights. Change according to the environment
  • Three-way obstacle avoidance. Perceives the distance of obstacles & avoid them in advance
  • More intelligent functions. Features 360° flip, fixed-point flight, gravity control & hadless mode
  • Foldable. Easy to stow away after use

NOTE: When obstacle avoidance is enabled, the speed of the drone will become slower and the fast speed mode will turn off temporarily. So we recommend flying indoors using this mode.


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