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My favorite maturity merchandise of the yr to date? A robotic bin

Everyone becomes like their parents, you just need to give it time. Ageing means I no longer receive video games, Lego sets or trips to an adventure playground for my birthday. Now, I get socks, but I’m happy with that. Socks are practical. So too are cast iron pans, wellington boots, waterproof coats and kitchen essentials, all things that increasingly make me excited with the passage of time.

In that, over the past year or so I’ve discovered some great pieces of gear that have changed my life in some way. Some have boosted my productivity, while others have given me a brand new hobby. But the best piece of smart home kit I’ve picked up in 2024 is something a bit more mundane, but no less exciting to my adult self. The Himalaya Sensor Recycling Bin.

Domestic bliss

The Himalaya Sensor Recycling Bin isn’t reinventing the wheel here. It’s a stainless steel bin which holds up to 60L worth of rubbish and recycling. It neatly fits underneath my kitchen counter, saving precious space in my somewhat snug kitchen. If I find myself juggling bits of rubbish, I can simply brush my hand over the sensor to automatically open the bin lid. Built-in deodoriser compartments to eradicate bad smells is a luxury I didn’t truly appreciate until now, and it also looks the part.

At $304/£240, the Himalaya Sensor Recycling Bin isn’t exactly a budget buy, especially given how it’s simply a receptacle for my waste. But it’s built to last, and I’m well assured that it’ll last for a good number of years. Still, a robotic bin is most definitely a luxury item. But in my pursuit of domesticated bliss, the Himalaya Sensor Recycling Bin is a very worthwhile addition to any home.

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