Model Specific Drone Pilot License in Japan

Collaborative Effort with Leading Japanese Firms Aims to Enhance Drone Pilot Expertise and Advance Domestic UAV Industry

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian J. McNabb

This article published in collaboration with JUIDA, the Japan UAS Industrial Development Association.

The Japanese UAS Industrial Development Association (JUIDA) recently announced a new MOU with fellow Japanese firms Blue Innovation, ACSL, Eams Robotics, Liberaware, and Prodrone to establish a model-specific drone pilot license designed to ensure that drone pilots are equipped with the skills they need to operate different individual drone designs. This exciting new project begins with a range of Japanese drone developers and corporations but will grow to include foreign manufacturers in partnership with domestic agents over time. 

A Model Specific Drone Pilot License

Most current drone licensure only covers generalized skills, not the often varied operation methods required by different models, usually meaning that the license only represents knowledge of the unit used during the training. This MOU is designed to create a new paradigm of drone training based around different, unique models and the different, unique skills required to operate them, working in close collaboration with the manufacturers themselves to ensure that graduates of the licensure programs are experts at using their equipment. JUIDA will focus on developing new guidelines and model-specific training programs, instructor training, and certification of flight schools. Blue Innovation will develop new, model-specific flight simulators and new promotion schemes. Individual drone developers will provide materials and training units. 

The combined program will work with regulators as part of Japanese government efforts to advance the domestic drone industry. 

According to a translated statement from JUIDA Chairman Shinji Suzuki, “JUIDA aims to contribute to the sound development of the unmanned aerial vehicle industry, and since its establishment, has promoted the development of human resources with the skills and knowledge necessary for drone operation, the formulation of rules and standards, and research and development to improve safety. Through this initiative, we will further promote the realization of safe and secure drone operation, the expansion of domestic demand for drones, and ultimately the social implementation of drones.”

More information on JUIDA and the new licensure program is available here

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