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Get Ready for an All-New Windows Experience with Microsoft Windows 10

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Say goodbye to compromises and embrace a seamless computing experience that adapts to your preferences. This new operating system combines the best features of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to appeal to and please both touch and mouse users. Kick back and quickly access your favorite apps, settings, files, and more in a few keystrokes, clicks, or taps, as the Start Menu is back with sizeable tiles and new capabilities. Search your computer, the Web, get the latest news and weather, and more with the help of Cortana, Windows 10’s digital assistant. Enjoy an all-new Internet experience with Microsoft Edge, the new Web browser that’s fast, compatible, and constructed for today’s modern Internet. Shield your PC from harm with the integrated Windows Defender and Windows Firewall. 

What Windows 10 Home has to offer

  • Start Menu Redefined:
    Quickly access your apps, settings & files in a few keystrokes, clicks, or taps with the return of the Start Menu, which has been enhanced with sizeable tiles and new capabilities
  • Task View Mastery:
    Harness the power of the Task View button on the taskbar to switch among your running apps quickly
  • Virtual Desktop Support:
    Create desktops with apps that pertain to certain needs & keep your apps organized
  • Easy Functionality:
    Enjoy seamless functionality between modern & Win32 apps with the ability to minimize, maximize, resize, and change position on the desktop

    Snap Enhancements:

  • Change the layout of your open windows on your desktop with Snap enhancements, which feature consistency across modern and Win32 apps, Snap Assist, and four-quadrant Snap that fills your screen with four apps in a two-by-two configuration
  • Your Personal Digital Assistant:
    Experience the power of Cortana, your digital assistant, always ready to assist without interrupting your conversation. Search the web, read the news, find files on your PC, & more
  • Cortana’s Notebook:
    Keep your favorites, interests, & investments more easily accessible with Cortana’s Notebook, where she keeps track of your personal likes, preferences, and more
  • Microsoft Edge:
    Surf the Web with Microsoft Edge, a Web browser that is fast, compatible & built for today’s Internet, and keep your online collections of favorites, reading lists, browsing history, and current downloads in The Hub
  • Windows Defender & Firewall.
    Ensure the safety of your PC with Windows Defender and Windows Firewall. Let them work in harmony to scan for malicious software and protect your digital world


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