Low Cost ISR Drones: Red Cat’s New Offerings

Innovative Technology to Transform Military Operations

Red Cat Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: RCAT), a drone technology company specializing in robotic hardware and software for military, government, and commercial operations, today announced the launch of a new family of unmanned Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) and precision strike systems. The announcement, made on the first day of Eurosatory in Paris, follows Red Cat’s Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire FlightWave Aerospace Systems Corporation.

Red Cat’s new ISR and precision strike drones are designed to offer an alternative to the high-cost, non-retrievable ISR/strike systems currently on the market. These low-cost, portable drones aim to meet the Pentagon’s Replicator Initiative, which seeks swarms of “attritable” ISR and surgical strike drones that can be deployed in various environments, including air, land, sea, and sub-sea.

“The entire nature of warfare and use of drone technology is undergoing a fundamental shift, and this new family of systems will completely disrupt the traditional ISR and loitering munition systems market,” said Jeff Thompson, Red Cat CEO. “Warfighters will be able to choose the right combination of drones and payloads for their specific missions and have access to an ecosystem of tactical AI, computer vision, and machine learning software that can positively identify threats and then have the option to engage and eliminate those targets.”

Red Cat’s new family of systems includes three aircraft, each with unique capabilities, and a common Ground Control System (GCS) for multi-vehicle command and control. This lineup aims to address the industry’s need for versatile and cost-effective drone solutions:

  1. Edge 130 Blue: A Hybrid Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) system that can be assembled and launched in one minute by a single user. It offers high-accuracy aerial imagery with long-range autonomy, flying for over two hours in forward flight mode.
  2. Teal 2: A cost-effective, man-portable sUAS with best-in-class night vision, multi-vehicle control, and a modular design. It has a flight time of 30 minutes and is both Blue UAS Certified and FAA Remote ID approved.
  3. FANG™: An FPV drone with precision strike payload capabilities and a flight time of 10 minutes, currently undergoing Blue UAS certification. It will enable surgical strike capabilities, allowing warfighters to deploy these drones for seek-and-destroy missions.

George Matus, Red Cat CTO, emphasized the importance of technology integrations and partnerships for the success of the new family of systems.“We are at the forefront of a new innovation cycle for the drone industry… Technology integrations and partnerships that connect and optimize this new family of systems will play a significant role in its success,” Matus said. “Open architecture and established relationships with some of the leading hardware and software companies in autonomy, AI, machine learning, and computer vision will enable us to expand our capabilities over time.”

This new development from Red Cat Holdings is expected to shake up the industry, as small-cap companies like Red Cat are reshaping the battlefield for warfighters, contrasting the larger scope of companies like Lockheed and Northrop. The introduction of these innovative systems demonstrates Red Cat’s commitment to redefining the role of small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) in defense applications.

For more information about Red Cat’s new family of systems, visit Red Cat’s website.

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