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Join over 1.5 million students from all over the world and unlock your full potential with VirtualSkills. Yassin Marco’s library of online courses lets you unlock your full potential with the most effective way to learn new skills. Learn how to work without various programming languages, improve your knowledge of MS Excel, and many other things. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to Enhance your expertise, VirtualSkills is the place to start.

Current courses offered

  • Adobe Photoshop CC- Basic Photoshop Training
  • Deep Web- The Complete Introduction to The Hidden Web
  • Excel Tips and Tricks: Learn MS Excel by Making 7 Projects
  • Instagram Marketing: Growth and Promotion on Instagram
  • Intro to Chatgpt: The Essential Skills for Getting Started
  • Introduction to Forex- Learn to Trade Forex by Yourself
  • Introduction to Quantum Computing
  • Java for Beginners – Learn All the Basics of Java
  • Javascript for Beginners – The Complete Introduction to JS
  • Master All the MS Excel Macros and The Basics of Excel VBA
  • Microsoft Excel – Learn MS Excel for Data Analysis
  • Microsoft Excel -Basic Excel/Advanced Excel Formulas
  • Microsoft Excel : Apprenez Excel En Créant Divers Projects
  • Microsoft Excel: Learn Excel by Creating Diverse Projects
  • Midjourney Mastery: Unlock Your Creative Potential with AI
  • Monetizing AI: Leveraging ChatGPT & Midjourney for Success
  • MS Excel/Excel 2023 – The Complete Introduction to Excel
  • Python For Beginners – Learn All the Basics of Python
  • Python-Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning A-Z
  • Shopify Guide: Start Your Own Clothing Brand with Shopify
  • Shopify Guide: The Complete Shopify Store Creation Course
  • SQL- The Complete Introduction to SQL Programming
  • The Complete Introduction to C++ Programming
  • The Complete Introduction to Cryptocurrency Trading
  • The Complete Introduction to Online Course Creation


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VirtualSkills public databases

Practice your data analysis skills with different public databases picked by the VirtualSkills team in the areas that interest you the most. Databases are completely free and new ones are regularly added. Enjoy your practice!




“I genuinely appreciated my learning journey here. The courses not only broadened my knowledge but also deepened my understanding of more complex subjects.”


“The instructors’ ability to simplify complex concepts made the learning process remarkably rewarding. Amazing job!”



“The courses are not just informative but also empowering. The instructors’ passion for the material makes the journey very enjoyable.”


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