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is that this the very best treadmill ever made?

Even seasoned running fanatics tend to steer clear from the tedious, mind-numbing experience that long treadmill sessions tend to offer, but the new Wahoo Kickr Run could change that for good.

Where to start? How about a built-in sensor which automatically detects how far away you are from the front of the unit, automatically adjusting its speed without you having to lift a finger? Not only does this make for a more natural (not to mention, safer) running experience, but paired with apps like Zwift, it brings a pretty impressive level of immersion to virtual runs.

Speed aside, there’s another very clever trick hidden beneath the Kick Run’s chevroned belt — a pair of legs with wheels, which can adjust themselves to provide an incline and decline running experience (+15%/-3%) to simulate steep hills and drops. Adjusting itself automatically on virtual Swift running sessions, you’ll be able to experience the brutal leg-burning feeling of hill sprints in real-time, without any manual adjustments required. Not only that, but it’s also capable of lateral tilt, to better simulate real road-running. We can practically hear the lactic acid building up from here.

If you prefer taking matters into your own hands, there are also two independent lever controls — one on each side of the treadmill arms — which can adjust the incline and speed, with a mere nudge — and while we haven’t tested it out ourselves, we imagine that they’re far more intuitive than trying to hit a tiny button sprinting at full pelt.

The ideal way to make the most out of the Kickr Run would be to place it directly in front of a large TV for the most immersive Zwift experience , but if you’d rather not take over the lounge, there’s a built–in (and removable) section at the front which is large enough to place a laptop on, with a secure strap for app-linked shenanigans. There’s also a tablet/phone holder, which can cleverly be stowed away when not in use.

With a maximum user weight of 250lbs/113kg, it’s a sturdy bit of kit, and there’s an equally heft price tag of $5000 to match. Set to launch in the US this summer with a global release in 2025, it could be the ultimate way to avoid the elements while chasing that runner’s high — though your bank balance is still likely to get pretty winded.

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