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Pennsylvania-Based Company Highlights Rapid Growth and Advanced Technology in Physical Security Industry

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian J. McNabb

Pennsylvania-based unmanned systems developer Asylon Robotics recently announced that they have completed over 100000 missions using their DroneDog™ system, underlining its creative approach towards the physical security industry. Deploying in areas including critical infrastructure, logistics, manufacturing plants, and corporate campuses, a DroneDog mission is defined as any patrol, alarm, or incident response, highlighting its versatility and effectiveness. 

Innovations in Perimeter Security Solutions

Asylon’s Pennsylvania-based control center reported that the 100,000th mission took place at an automobile manufacturing facility. While the first 10,000 missions took 374 days to complete, the last 10,000 missions only took 37 days, showcasing Asylon’s recent explosive growth. In total, these 100,000 missions amount to approximately 73,000 miles remotely walked with robots. From the Asylon RSOC, more than 2,500,000 points of interest have been remotely inspected and human-verified at customer sites.

Built on Boston Dynamic’s Spot system, Asylon has enhanced the proven base unit with their “Pup Pack”, a sensor and camera suite that includes a high-definition camera, thermal imaging, cellular connectivity, and an Nvidia AI/ML processor. When the units aren’t directly in use, they can be housed in Asylon’s “Doghouse”, a weatherized outdoor charging station that allows for maximum operational readiness. Asylon recently unveiled the DroneDog 2, an upgraded model with a new processor and more advanced auto-tracking for enhanced independence and automation. All existing customers will receive the DroneDog 2 upgrade. 

“Completing 100,000 missions is a major milestone for Asylon and the robotics industry as a whole. By operating around the clock, 24/7, we are proving the viability of consistent, effective robotics operations at scale. The data sets we collect on a daily basis are used to continually improve our product offering, our service and the robotic platforms themselves. We remain committed to providing our clients with the most advanced and reliable security solutions on the market,” said Damon Henry, Co-Founder and CEO at Asylon Robotics. 

“We are excited to see Asylon reach this significant milestone,” said Renée Burns, Vice President of Partnerships at Boston Dynamics. “The successful deployment of DroneDog™ systems in such a wide array of security applications demonstrates the robustness and versatility of our Spot platform when combined with Asylon’s innovative solutions. We look forward to continuing our partnership and achieving even greater success together.”

More information about Asylon and the DroneDog system is available here.

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