Imaget Bulk Image Downloader for Desktop Only: Lifetime Plan


Bulk Download All Images, Gallery & GIFs in One Click

Ever felt the frustration of trying to save images from the web? That’s where Imaget comes in. This ultimate image downloader saves you time by batch downloading images retaining 100% original quality. It works great on both Mac and Windows, and you don’t need to be a tech whiz to use it—the interface is smooth and user-friendly for everyone.

Say goodbye to manual downloads

  • Bulk download all images & gifs on a webpage
  • Bulk download images by pasting a list of image URLs
  • Bulk download images by opening multiple tabs

Universal harmony

  • Download from any website, including Instagram, Pinterest, Giphy, Google, etc.
  • Experience unparalleled speed whether you’re on Mac or Windows

Effortless & seamless downloads

  • Tailor your image selection with filters based on size, adding a personalized touch to your digital treasure trove
  • Automatically scroll to extract all images on a page to download
  • Easy album creation for organized collections
  • No tech jargon here. Imaget’s interface is user-friendly & accessible to everyone

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