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Ikea’s new Symfonisk speaker lamp is a Sonos with interchangeable shades

It’s a long-standing rivalry in the struggle for dominance on the bookshelf: lamp versus speaker. One brings mood glow to your home, the other provides beats to get your feet moving. But in a world where home real estate has an all-time price, few shelves are big enough for both.

Fear not, because the Swedes have the answer: Ikea’s Symfonisk table lamp, first seen in 2019, combines a freestanding spotlight with a Sonos Wi-Fi speaker in a package that’s perfectly proportioned for most mantels. And the Glower just got an upgrade.

The refreshed Symfonisk is sleeker than before and offers an extra dose of Scandi design smarts: the base and visor are now separate elements, allowing those with an eye for interior design to swap out a different jacket to suit the space. The base comes in white or black and can be finished with a molded glass cylinder or fabric mesh edging. And thanks to an E26/E27 socket, it also fits a larger selection of light sources.

Like the first edition, the Symfonisk table lamp still features a Sonos wireless speaker system in its base, but the new version benefits from a revised acoustic architecture. Thanks to a custom waveguide, the streaming stand can output superior sound over 180 degrees, whether working alone or connected to other Sonos devices (including additional symfonisk kit).

Available in the US since October, the second generation Symfonisk speaker lamp has finally arrived in the UK. The fabric combo is more expensive than the original, costing you £179 ($170), while those who opt for glass will have to pay £199 ($190).

The Beacons are set to be followed soon by a streamlined version of Ikea’s matching Symfonisk bookshelf speakers, complete with faster, more efficient hardware inside. Luckily, the design hasn’t changed, so you can still use them as shelves themselves – which might finally put an end to the scramble for space.

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