iGulu F1 All-in-One Automated Home Craft Beer Brewer with 3 Beer Kits & Master Mode


Automated Home Brew System for Effortless Brewing at Any Skill Level

Imagine home brewing becoming as simple as preparing your morning coffee. Meet the iGulu F1 – an all-in-one, fully automated home brew system reshaping traditional brewing into a few clicks, regardless of experience level. This compact brewer can make everything from hop-forward IPAs to zesty citrus-infused blends and even kombucha right on your kitchen counter. Additionally, enjoy a complimentary Premium Mode ($100 Value) for a limited time, granting you the freedom to brew using your unique recipes, ingredients, and processes. Enhance your brewing experience with iGulu F1- where innovation meets simplicity and brings the quality of professional brewery to your own kitchen counter.  Cheers to easy brewing!

Revolutionizing home brewing with automated simplicity

  • 3-step brew: Lets you create delicious beers in just 3 simple steps

    1. Mix: Add ingredients with filtered water to the fermentation keg
    2. Brew: Scan RFID or choose beer style, Touch Brew
    3. Pour: Enjoy it! 
  • Auto-temp control: Automatic temperature control ensures perfect brewing every time
  • Auto-pressure control & release: Controls and releases pressure for a safe and worry-free brewing experience
  • Built-in air pump: Simplifies the brewing process

Advanced fermentation & cooling system for fresh, high-quality beer

The ingenious combination of intelligent fermentation, compressor cooling, and protection safeguards in a single unit showcases our ingenuity in the art of craft brewing.

  • Intelligent fermentation system: The integration of software and hardware, along with an innovative fermentation system and sensors, allows for constant monitoring and adjustment of fermentation temperature to ensure high-quality beverages
  • Rapid cooling technology: Ice chamber cooling technology and DC compressor allow for a wide temperature range (35.6˚F to 53.6˚F). The F1 can add C02 to the brewing mixture, ensuring fresh beer that stays tasty for up to two weeks after opening
  • Pressure sensors & protection: Intelligent pressure sensor modules and a triple-pressure protection setup ensure a stable, controlled brewing process, guaranteeing each serving of beer is enjoyable and full of robust flavor
  • Wide compatibility: Compatible with popular brands like Benediktiner Weissbier and Heineken

Versatile brewing with easy-to-follow recipes

  • Brew more than just beer: Brews not just beer, but also kombucha and other delights! 
  • Customize ingredients & recipe: Allows full ingredient and recipe customization

Extended freshness & convenient dispensing

  • 30 days of freshness: Freshly brewed beer that lasts 30 days with an optional CO2 gas cylinder tank (sold separately)
  • 1-gallon brew capacity: Brews delicious beer in 1-gallon batches
  • AT dispensing coupler: Effortlessly dispense beer from 5L kegs that can be readily purchased

Get 3 FREE brew kits + Master Mode card

Amber Lager Beer Brewing Ingredient Kit

Easily brew an Amber Lager that’s perfectly balanced with malty sweetness, hop bitterness, and a toasty, caramel-like flavor profile. With premium extracts and yeast, you’ll be assured the brewing process yield a rich, flavorful Amber Lager on any occasion.


Pale Ale Beer Brewing Ingredient Kit

Pale Ale, known for its light color and hop-forward flavor profile, is a popular choice among craft beer lovers. It showcases a clear, golden appearance and a crisp texture, offering a balanced combination of malt sweetness and hop bitterness.


Bavarian Wheat Hefeweizen Beer Brewing Kit

Bavarian Wheat Beer, also known as Weissbier or Hefeweizen, is renowned for its sweet and fruity flavor. Showcasing a hazy, golden appearance and a creamy texture, it offers prominent flavors of banana and hints of citrus, complemented by a distinct clove aroma.


Master Mode card

For a limited time, Master Mode is free at the point of purchase ($100 Value) and can be activated with the iGulu mobile app. Master Mode enables the freedom to brew using your own recipe, ingredients and brewing process. 



NOTES: Brew and cooling times vary based on brew type. Refer to brew kit instructions for accurate timing control


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