HOTO Rechargeable Easyflow Hot Glue Gun with 40 Glue Sticks


Crafting Made Easy with Auto-Dispensing & Fast Pre-Heating Features

Discover the HOTO Rechargeable Easyflow Hot Glue Gun for effortless crafting. Its easy-press auto-dispensing feature ensures a continuous and even flow of glue while the 30-second fast preheating lets you achieve smooth and flawless results. Keep your creativity flowing without interruption. This glue gun supports use while plugged in* or go wireless thanks to its upgraded 3000mAh battery capacity. Easyflow comes with 40 glue sticks, including 10 vibrant colors and 30 transparent sticks for immediate use. 




Precise application without strain

  • Easy-press auto-dispensing: A light press on the trigger delivers a continuous & even flow of glue for easy dotting and coating
  • Anti-drip design: Protects your hands from dripping glue & reduces mess

Performance & speed

  • Intelligent temperature control: Maintains a consistent & optimal temperature to prevent overheating
  • Faster pre-heating: Preheats within 30 seconds for effortless glue application

Power & mobility

  • 3,000mAh battery capacity: Offers extended usage time
  • Wired or wireless: Provides the flexibility of both wired & wireless operation
  • Auto-off: Automatically shuts down after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Includes 40 glue sticks: Includes a set of colorful glue sticks to get you crafting immediately out of the box

Lightweight & compact

  • Easy to store: Ideal for workshops, studios, or crafting spaces with limited room
  • Innovative balanced structure: For comfortable handling & reduced fatigue during extended use
  • Lightweight: Makes it easy to handle & carry with you without compromising on performance and durability

NOTE: This product does not come with a charging cable



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