HOTO 3.6V Screwdriver Kit (Classic)


The HOTO Cordless Screwdriver Complete with 12 Bits & Accessories

The HOTO 3.6V Screwdriver Kit (Classic) combines powerful 4N.m torque, precise torque adjustment, and dual screw driving modes (electric and manual) with a rapid 220 RPM speed. This versatile tool comes complete with a durable all-aluminum alloy storage box for easy organization and portability, making it ideal for both professional and DIY screwing tasks.

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All-in-one design

  • Modern design: An aesthetically pleasing all-in-one design, with an aluminum alloy case that stores 12 alloy steel bits
  • Instant stop: Stops screwing immediately after releasing the power button
  • Circular LED light: switches on automatically when screwing, & turns off after 10s of inactivity
  • 4N.m maximum torque: Provides sufficient power for driving screws into various materials without straining

Screw driving modes

  • Electric: Enhances efficiency & speed when handling multiple screws or tasks that require consistent power
  • Manual: Can be used manually; offers flexibility based on the user’s preference or the complexity of the task

Adjustable, high-speed rotary screwdrivers

  • 220 RPM rotating speed: Enables quick & efficient screw driving, reducing work time and effort
  • Three-staged rotary knob for torque adjustment: For control & customization based on the specific screwing needs
  • Intelligent rotary knob: Allows torque adjustment to fit the job

Tool storage solutions

  • All-in-one aluminum-alloy storage box: Protects your screwdriver & accessories while on the go
  • USB-C charging port: Charge the battery through the USB-C port




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