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Home of Marley Stir It Up Lux is a sleeker sustainable turntable

Eco-conscious music maker House of Marley has revealed a new high-end turntable, to add some sustainability to your stereo system. The Stir It Up Lux adds even more recyclable materials while also stepping up on style, courtesy of a hypnotic zoetrope slip mat.

An upgrade on the existing Stir It Up Wireless turntable, the Lux adds a slimmer plinth made from sustainable bamboo, and a glass platter. As well as being infinitely recyclable, House of Marley reckons glass brings “next-level tracking” to the aluminium headshell. It’s fitted with an Audio-Technica AT-95E elliptical stylus out of the box, and includes an adjustable counterbalance for swapping or upgrading the stylus later down the line. There’s also an anti-skate mechanism to stop any skipping.

The double-sided cork slipmat has a Bob Marley-themed zoetrope pattern, which should be just as easy on the eye as the turntable itself. On the flip side there’s natural cork, to compliment the other earth-friendly materials on show.

Inside there’s a switchable pre-amp and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity for wireless pairing to a speaker system. RCA and 3.5mm aux outputs are also on hand for wired setups. Each turntable comes with an RCA to Aux cable, plus a stylus pressure gauge.

It’s a belt-driven system with 33 and 45RPM speeds, plus an auto start/stop system for ease of use.

The Stir It Up Lux is available right now, directly from the House of Marley website, as well as select retailers including Amazon. You can add one to your home Hi-Fi setup for £350.

Like all House of Marley kit, the Stir It Up Lux is built from sustainable materials and contributes to the Project Marley global give back initiative with each unit sold. Current projects include the One Tree Planted reforestation programme.

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