Heads Up! Phones Down Edition: Steam Key for PC Gaming


Showcase Your Wit (Or Lack Thereof) in This Hilarious Party Game, Fit for the Big Screen!

Charades with a twist! Heads Up! Phones Down Edition is a party game where you turn your back from the screen and guess the word or phrase on the screen with the help of your friends or family. It’s a game for everyone, so whether you’re a pro or a newbie, you can jump right in and have a blast. Get ready to be goofy and have a good time – you can use funny accents, act out clues, or just shout while the guesser tries to figure out the word. With over 90 decks of cards covering pop culture, movies, trivia, celebrities, animals, and more, there’s endless entertainment in store for you and your crew!

Heads Up is a party game

  • Easy Party Game: Turn your back from the screen, and guess the word or phrase on the screen behind you with the help of your friends or family
  • For Everyone: It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or you’ve never played before—anyone can jump right in
  • Be Silly: Observers can give hints by using funny accents, acting out, and shouting clues while the guesser tries to figure out the word on the screen. OR break down in desperation when you can’t figure it out
  • Endless Hours of Fun: There are over 90 decks covering pop culture, movies, trivia, celebrities, animals, and so much more

Over 90 decks of fun! Categories include:

  • Act It Out
  • Up Late
  • Celebrities
  • Entertainment
  • Blast from the Past
  • Sports & Games
  • Culture
  • Turn It Up
  • Turn It Off
  • For Kids!

Your new favorite party game just partied a little harder!



Build Your Own Deck

Have you ever played Heads Up and thought, “I could write a better deck?” Now you can with the newly launched, Build Your Own Deck feature. Just click on “My Decks” and start writing your own cards.

Random Deck

Got 90 decks and still nothing to play? Try Random Deck! With Random Deck, the world is your slurp, oyster it up! You’ll never know what to expect, unless you’ve already memorized every deck, in which case you’re a really hardcore player and I’m scared.

What is Heads Up! Phones Down Edition?

Heads Up Phones Down Edition puts a twist on the traditional charades format. Instead of holding the phone to their forehead, players turn their backs to the computer or TV screen while their friends or family provide clues to guess the word or phrase displayed. This version encourages more direct interaction and communication between players, making it suitable for all skill levels and providing a fresh experience for those familiar with the original game.





The developers describe the content like this:

The mature content within Heads Up! Phones Down Edition is limited to words that are displayed. Some words reference or allude to sexual acts and innuendo, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and other mature topics.


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