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Lithuanian Startup’s Cutting-Edge UAVs and Gimbals Set to Revolutionize Reconnaissance Missions Amid Ukraine Conflict

Granta Autonomy, a Lithuanian startup specializing in fully autonomous UAVs for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions, has successfully completed a €1 million seed funding round. The funding, led by ScaleWolf VC with participation from Brolis Defence and HFL Holdings, will enable the company to accelerate the development and production of its innovative surveillance technology, which has been tested on Ukraine’s front lines.

Founded in 2015 by former military engineers Gediminas Guoba and Laurynas Litvinas, Granta Autonomy has been at the forefront of developing advanced UAV systems, lightweight gimbals, and digital Datalink software. These technologies have been pivotal in providing NATO forces across Europe with efficient and reliable reconnaissance solutions. Granta Autonomy’s micro gimbals, known for being the lightest direct drive gimbals on the market, feature powerful camera systems capable of capturing clear daytime images at long distances and providing thermal vision for nighttime operations.

“The traditional battlefield is evolving, and Western armies require robust, reliable, and flexible solutions,” said Gediminas Guoba, founder and CEO of Granta Autonomy. “Today’s funding enables us to ramp up our production capacity to deliver the large-scale deployments Europe needs. Our team works directly with soldiers on the battlefield, testing our products and software in combat zones and collaborating on solutions that excel in the toughest conditions.”

The announcement comes at a time when the ongoing war in Ukraine continues to highlight the critical role of drones in modern warfare. According to a recent Reuters article, the Ukrainian war has been referred to as the first drone war, with both sides utilizing drones extensively for surveillance, reconnaissance, and attack missions. The article explains that drones, costing as little as $500, have been effectively used to destroy expensive artillery and tanks, showcasing their transformative impact on warfare.

Granta Autonomy’s latest UAV, the Hornet XR, is designed for covert missions with its compact size, silent operation, and autonomous flight capabilities. The Hornet XR can cover vast distances undetected, even in environments with radio jamming or radio silence. Its ultra-lightweight design and modular construction make it easy to transport and retrieve, enhancing its operational flexibility.

“The Hornet XR exemplifies our design philosophy, which is rooted in the expertise of our military UAV operators and engineers,” added Guoba. “We are producing the lightest direct drive gimbals on the market, which brings greater efficiencies, lower costs, and unmatched reliability to complex, multi-disciplinary missions.”

Edvinas Kerza, ScaleWolf VC’s Managing Partner and former Vice Minister of the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, emphasized the significance of Granta Autonomy’s technology. “Their innovative approach to developing surveillance and reconnaissance technology is second to none and has the potential to revolutionize the way armed forces manage complicated and multi-discipline reconnaissance missions. We proudly support their mission and look forward to seeing their autonomous UAVs impact the battlefield over the coming years.”

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Granta Autonomy has supplied its UAVs to the Ukrainian front, supported by funding from Lithuanian and other European defense ministries. The company’s technology continues to be a valuable asset to NATO forces across Europe, further cementing its role in modern warfare.

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