Google Pixel 6 Professional may have 4 new cloth instances

Google sells its first-party cases like any other company, but the cloth cases have been very popular with the Pixel devices since they were first released. Unfortunately, the company didn’t make one for this year’s Google Pixel 5a, but it looks like the company will be offering it for the upcoming Pixel 6 series.

VoiceComms Website (via @rquandt and XDA developer), a North American mobile accessories retailer, has confirmed that Google will be offering new fabric cases for the Google Pixel 6 Duo. A range of colors are available for each device as listed below:

  • Google Pixel 6: Stormy skies, light rain and cotton candy
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro: Stormy Sky, Light Frost, Golden Glow and Soft Sage

The listing also mentions that the cases are $ 29 each, and includes the following description for each listing:

  • Stylish colors and machine washable materials ensure that the case looks great season after season
  • The slim design with a raised rim protects the screen and camera from scratches
  • Uses over 70% recycled materials, including fabric made from recycled plastic water bottles
  • It fits the Pixel perfectly, so users can still use wireless charging and squeeze the sides to talk to the Google Assistant
  • Leave the case on for wireless charging or using Battery Share

Interestingly, the description also mentions that both devices support the Active Edge and Battery Share functions. The Pixel 5 didn’t have an Active Edge; However, it did support Battery Share, while the Pixel 4 series only had Active Edge functionality. It seems like everyone’s favorite feature – including mine – is finally back on the Pixel 6 Duo. Be careful because these listings can sometimes be inaccurate and provide incorrect information, and the text may just be a placeholder for now.

Whatever the case (pun intended), chances are the feature is making a comeback. Are you excited about the news about the new Pixel 6 fabric case? Let us know in the comments below!

Roland Udvarlaki

Roland is a technology enthusiast and software engineer based in the UK. He is also a content creator and author and is best known by the name “Techusiast”.

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