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Google Bard is now Gemini, and it is prepared to interchange Google Assistant

In a classic Google move, the tech giant has renamed something that people have just started to get used to. That thing is Google Bard, the Big G’s AI-powered chatbot that’s one of the latest Google releases. Or at least that’s it’s former name. Bard is out, Gemini is in, a moniker than stems from the AI model used to train the chatbot in the first place. The chatbot is getting a fresh coat of paint and a new lease on life to flex Google’s multimodal AI muscles.

According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, “Bard has been the best way for people to directly experience our most capable models.” But to better reflect the tech at its core, Google wants Bard to become Gemini. It combines all of the latest features into one product. Gemini also bundles in the capabilities of Duet AI. It supports 40 languages online and offers a shiny new Android app, with an iOS experience in the Google app.

Most of the features you’ll find in Gemini are exactly the same as Bard, just bigger and better. You’ll have access to the latest of Google’s AI models for an even more powerful chatbot. In an interesting turn of events, if you download the Android app, you can actually use Gemini to replace Google Assistant.

Long press the home button or whisper sweet nothings like “Hey Google” into your device, and Gemini springs into action, ready to tackle whatever you throw at it. This isn’t just a simple swap, though. Google promises a new converstaional experience that’s not just about answering your questions but providing contextual suggestions that might just make you think it’s been reading your mind — or at least your screen. You’ll see your conversation overlayed on the screen. And, of course, you’ll still be able to do everything you’ve been able to ask the Google Assistant for. That includes making calls and setting timers.

Gemini is ready to roll in English in the US as of today. It will roll out to more regions that speak English in the coming weeks. The coming weeks will also see Gemini support Japanese and Korean. Beyond that, we imagine it’ll be a longer roll-out for Gemini to hit everywhere you can access Google.

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