‘Google AI’ is coming to the Pixel 9. Here’s what it looks like and everything we know

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We learned last week that Google has pushed its Made by Google event forward to August 13, a few months before its usual date. Why? Speculation ranges from Google timing its annual event to coincide with the next Android release, to getting a jump on holiday sales, to simply announcing its next generation of devices before Apple does.

While we may never know the exact reason, we now know at least one thing that Google is excited to reveal. According to AndroidAuthority, the company plans to release new AI features under the “Google AI” brand for its Pixel 9 series.

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A leaked screenshot shows that some existing features like Circle to Search and Gemini will be a part of Google AI. Several new AI features are also on the way, though.

First up is something called “Add Me,” which Google says ensures everyone makes it into a group photo. This could be similar to the existing Google Photos feature Best Take that combines multiple images into one shot. Perhaps you’ll be able to take a picture, switch photographers, and then merge the photos to include everyone.

Next, there’s something called “Pixel Screenshots,” which Google says allows you to “find the info you need from your screenshots.” When you turn on this feature (it’s opt-in), it will summarize screenshots and allow you to ask questions to find them later. When you take new screenshots, the AI feature adds metadata like links, app names, and the date and time they were taken.

The notion of having your screenshots analyzed and saved might raise an eyebrow if you’re concerned about privacy, but the AI processes everything locally, Android Authority says. That might assuage any worries about your data ending up elsewhere, like in Google’s data centers.

Finally, there’s “Studio,” which Google described as “You imagine it. Pixel creates it.” This sounds similar to Apple Image Playground, a generative AI image generator that’s part of Apple Intelligence.

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For now, these features will only be available on the Pixel 9 series, Android Authority says. There’s no word if they will eventually come to other devices, as the rest of Google’s AI-powered add-ons have.

When Google released the Pixel 8 series, both the base version and the more expensive Pixel 8 Pro received some — but not all — of Google’s new AI features. If Google follows the same playbook, some of these new features may only be available on the most expensive Pixel 9 version.

We should get official word on Google AI in about a month.

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