GoDrone Flight Planning App Re-launched with New Features

Updated App Offers Enhanced Flight Planning, Advanced Tools, and Flight Approval Services

The Netherlands’ favorite flight planning app, GoDrone, has been re-launched with a suite of new features, upgrades, and data sets. Developed and powered by Altitude Angel, the world’s most trusted UTM (Unified Traffic Management) technology provider, the updated app promises to enhance the experience for professional and recreational drone pilots across the country.

Since its initial launch in 2020, GoDrone has become an essential tool for understanding and accessing the Netherlands’ airspace safely and securely. The new version, GoDrone 2.0, introduces several innovative features designed to improve flight planning and execution.

Available on both iOS and Android, the latest update includes enhanced integrated flight planning, advanced flight plan drawing tools, and for the first time in the Netherlands, Flight Approval services. This feature allows users to request access to fly digitally in controlled airspaces, such as airport CTRs, directly through the app.

One significant addition to the Flight Approval Service is the new status system for mission plans. The status ‘reviewed’ is granted when a mission plan has been provisionally accepted by LVNL’s Operational Helpdesk. On the day of the flight, if air traffic control signs off on the flight, the mission plan is then given the status ‘approved,’ allowing the drone pilot to call the tower directly.

Maartje van der Helm, General Manager Performance and Development at LVNL, emphasized the importance of accurate information for the drone community: “Providing accurate information aimed at the drone community is essential to ensure safe aviation in controlled airspace. Using user panels, we collected information and feedback from the drone community to optimize the information provision. With the further development of GoDrone, we are taking steps towards safer flight movements of unmanned and manned traffic in controlled Dutch airspace.”

Paul deHaan, Managing Director at Altitude Angel (Netherlands), highlighted the focus on user experience and safety: “The updated GoDrone app was designed with two things in mind: user experience and safer skies. The engineering team at Altitude Angel re-designed the app after collating, analyzing, and understanding user feedback. These improvements will further enable the growth and commercial opportunities for unmanned aviation in the Netherlands.”

The new features and updates aim to provide a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience, ensuring that drone pilots can navigate the airspace with greater confidence and safety.

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