Gillette Physique Razor + 9 Refill Blade Cartridges


Experience confidence and comfort with Gillette Body Razor. Its innovative design features Powerglide® floating blades for a close, clean shave. The rounded head maneuvers effortlessly around contours, while lubricating strips ensure a smooth glide. With an anti-slip ergonomic handle, shaving your most important parts has never been easier. Plus, Gillette Body Razor also comes with 9 Powerglide® cartridges so you’ll always have your razor ready whenever you need it. 


  • Forward-pivoting head: Designed for total body control when tackling tricky spots
  • Powerglide® blades: Floating blade technology cuts through the thickest of hair with ease
  • Lubricating strips: 3 lubricating strips deliver optimal smoothness across uneven terrain
  • Anti-slip ergonomic handle: Enhances anti-slip grip for exceptional control, even in the shower


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