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Future iPhones may have a touchscreen panel on the aspect

While the iPhone isn’t exactly know for customisability, it is getting better. You’ve now got widgets and lock screen options baked into iOS. Not to mention that the latest iPhone 15 series comes with the customisable Action Button. But if you’re after another step, you might be in luck. A recent patent filed by Apple shows an iPhone with a touchscreen on the side, so you can add extra shortcuts a finger press away.

The patent suggests this nifty side screens could serve as a new home for quick functions like calendars, music controls, or even your text messages. Imagine swiping your iPhone’s side to crank up the volume or flip through your latest texts. One of the more eyebrow-raising features is the idea of ditching the physical volume buttons in favour of their digital counterparts displayed right on the side of your phone. Awaiting the rumoured Camera button on the iPhone 16? This patent hints at this display taking its place.

It’s on the edge of glory and I’m hangin’ on for the future iPhone feature

The patent illustrations tease us with unique animations for music lovers, displaying song titles on the side of your iPhone. Fancy knowing what track’s up next without interrupting your current scroll fest? Apple’s got you covered. Plus, these digital buttons could be fully customisable, potentially allowing you to launch apps with a tap or swipe. It’s unclear how Apple plans to avoid accidental swipes in your pocket, but this would likely be software based.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This is, at the end of the day, just a patent. It might not ever see the light of day. But with plenty of rumours swirling around buttons on the side of future iPhones, the next one could opt for this display instead. Maybe those janky iPhone renders from Facebook in 2016 were right, after all.

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