FocuSee Display Recording Software: One-Time Lifetime Subscription


Effortlessly capture your screen, voice, and selfie, while FocuSee works its magic with automated editing. Track cursor movements, add dynamic zoom and click effects, apply a polished background, and voila! Instantly access a professional video/gif without the hassle of manual editing. Let FocuSee take charge of post-production while you focus on creating. Save time, skip the editing grind, and get stunning videos in minutes.

  • Automatic editing with zero input
  • Minutes cost per video
  • One app for the whole workflow
  • No manual editing is required
  • Ad-free and watermark-free recording

Innovative features:

  • Customizable zoom effects. Adjust zoom positions, levels & durations, or add new zooms for maximum visual impact
  • 2x highlighting with spotlight. Make your focal points pop to capture your audience’s attention
  • Various Cursor styles & click effects. Choose from 8 mouse cursor styles & 3 button click effects to match your video’s style
  • Trim & change speed. Trim, cut, crop, speed up, or slow down specific portions of your video, making it more concise & clear
  • Personalized layout. Select the self & screen layout that best suits your purpose
  • Diverse frames & filters. Customize your appearance with camera frames & filters
  • Multiple export & sharing options. Instantly share your videos on your device or any social media platforms

1 Computer Plan

  • Up to 1 device (Win/Mac)
  • Lifetime usage
  • Lifetime FREE updates
  • Interactive video elements

How it works?

  • Simply record your screen (with webcam and mic) as you normally would.
  • Let FocuSee automatically add pan & zoom effects, and a nice background for you. Once you finish recording, you’ll have a video ready to shine.
  • Export it as a video/GIF, and embed it on your website, send it through a link, or keep it locally – the choice is yours.
  • Add interactive elements like quizzes, email collectors, and call-to-action buttons to generate leads or get feedback more efficiently. Make your videos not just informative, but interactive. (ONLY available for videos shared online)

What Users Say

William Westron | Product Manager, Growthlands

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    “Awesome! I was looking for an app to create onboarding videos for my product, and that one really helped me save a ton of time. And the best part is that it offers embed code, which I can use to directly embed the video on my website.”

Aiman Islam | Customer Support Executive at Growfin

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    “I think this really solves the issues of indie makers for creating descriptive videos. And the ability to add interactive questions in the timeline is awesome.”

Nusaiba Zaman | Reading, Writing & Music

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    “Impressive by its user-friendly interface and zoom effects. FocuSee has all the features for making clear and beautiful tutorial videos.”


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