Flowtron 2 Acre Outdoor Electric Bug Zapper


Experience Superior Bug Control with Reliable Bug Elimination System

Covering an impressive area of 2 acres, this device is designed to keep your outdoor spaces free from pesky insects. The Flowtron Bug and Mosquito Zapper Outdoor employs a dual lure method to attract and eliminate a wide range of flying insects. It uses a potent combination of a 120W UV light and an Octenol attractant, making the bug zappers highly effective against flies and mosquitoes. Once lured, the insects are swiftly eliminated on a 5600V kill grid, ensuring immediate insect control.

This high-voltage outdoor bug zapper for the patio is not only efficient but also reduces the chance of insect escape, providing you with a bug-free environment. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or simply enjoying a peaceful evening on your patio, the Flowtron Outdoor Mosquito Zapper is your reliable partner in maintaining a comfortable and insect-free outdoor experience.

Pest-tested, mother nature approved

  • Environment-friendly: Requires zero chemical sprays, fogs, sticky strips, or pesticides
  • UL & CSA listed: Meets safety & quality standards set by recognized certification organizations
  • EPA registered: Complies with EPA regulations for effective & safe insect control
  • Safe to use: Provides safe operation for kids, pets & wildlife

Durable & convenient design

  • Durable steel material: For lasting durability & performance
  • Made in the US: Crafted with quality & care in the US for superior craftsmanship & reliability
  • Hanging ring: For easy placement & installation in your desired outdoor space

High-performance bug elimination system

  • 5,600V high-efficiency killing grid: Efficiently eliminates any bugs upon contact
  • Non-clogging design: Prevents clogs & ensures continuous operation for consistent bug control
  • Weatherproof housing: Protects the bug zapper from outdoor elements
  • Three 40W replaceable UV bulbs: Attracts a wide range of flying insects
  • High-intensity UV backlight: Emits high-intensity UB light to attract insects from a distance
  • Powerful Octenol mosquito attractant: Lures mosquitoes & other flying pests



NOTE: Please DO NOT use Octenol for indoor applications


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