Firefly Lights with Highly Flexible Copper Wires 4 Pack


Composed of firefly bionic designed led bulbs and flexible wires, our yard lights become the most special solar decorative lights on the market. When wind blows, the lights sway like a swarm of cute fireflies carrying shining stars playing in your garden.

Durable Materials, All-Weather Fearless
These solar powered firefly lights are equipped with superior copper andABS, which is a totally upgrade. The solar panels are also well-sealed with IP65 waterproof technology. You could confidently leave these solar swaying lights outside in the hot summer, heavy rainy days, or snowy winter.

Effortlessly Get Dancing Fireflies
Benefiting from the dusk to dawn function, once set well, our solar firefly lights will charge automatically during the daytime and turn on as soon as the darkness comes. You could enjoy the fireflies dancing with a warm glow in the night wind without moving a finger.

Easiest Yard Decoration Ever
Its a piece of cake to install these solar lights. Powered by highly efficient solar panel, no plugs, no cords needed, just plant the waterproof outdoor solar lights in your garden, flower bed, plant pot, or shrubs, and turn the switch on to appreciate the most beautiful whimsical lights in the world.


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