Explorer Bear UR35W 37QT/35L 12V/24V Portable Electric Fridge Freezer


Experience Rapid Cooling with Advanced Compressor Technology

The Explorer Bear UR35W 37Q/35L Portable Battery Powered Electric Fridge Freezer runs on two 170Wh batteries (sold separately), offering up to 60 hours of battery runtime at 40°F or 16 hours at -4°F. Each battery also doubles as a power bank with Type-C and USB ports. The LG compressor quickly cools the fridge from 77°F to 32°F in just 15 minutes, emitting minimal noise. With a capacity for 50 12oz. cans or 40 12oz. beer bottles, the UR35W consumes less than 0.5kWh/day, even in MAX mode. It’s versatile, operating on AC (100-240V), DC (12V/24V), battery, or solar power sources.

Convenient power options & connectivity

  • Battery or solar powered: Offers flexibility & sustainability for off-grid use
  • LED user interface: Provides clear temperature settings & status indicators
  • Power bank device: Utilizes the fridge’s batteries to keep your electronics powered

Exceptional cooling performance

  • Advanced compressor technology: For efficient cooling even in challenging conditions
  • -4°F to +50°F temperature range: Keep items chilled or frozen
  • 1.8″ insulation thickness: Allows you to experience exceptional thermal insulation

Ultra-durable design & large capacity

  • 40 12oz capacity: Lets you store up to 40 12oz beer bottles; perfect for extended trips & outdoor adventures
  • Sturdy aluminum handle: Designed for durability & convenience on the go
  • Lightweight design: Easy to transport & maneuver
  • 45dB noise level: Ensures minimal disturbance in your outdoor environment


How to Operate Urban Series

  • Initiate power
    The UR35W can be powered with use of two 170.82Wh batteries. Experience up to 60 hours of fridge cooling (39˚F) or 16 hours of freezer functionality (0˚F).
  • Set your desired temperature
    Press +/- on the user interface to set the portable fridge/freezer to the temperature you desire (-4ºF – 50ºF). The UR35W will initiate the cooling process.
  • Get ready to cool or chill
    After reaching your desired temperature on the digital display, let the adventure begin. Freely add beverages, your favorite food, or frozen treats for easy portability.


NOTE: Batteries and solar panel accessories are sold separately.


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