Explorer Bear EX40B 42QT/40L 12/24V Portable Electric Fridge Freezer


No More Messy, Melted Ice with This Compressor-Powered Fridge

The EX40B features a rugged stainless steel body and handle design, coupled with a special weatherproof polymer coating, making it the perfect outdoor adventure solution. Achieving precise cooling of your favorite food and beverages is easily achieved with this compressor-powered fridge freezer. An intuitively designed LCD user interface provides easy navigation and temperature control. 


The EX40B 40L storage capacity facilitates convenient storage of either 62 12 fl. oz. cans, 32 16 fl. oz. bottles, or your favorite food. Enjoy precise cooling for up to 4 days without the hassles of ice.  The EX40B reaches 0°F with less power consumption and can be easily powered by AC (110-240) and DC (12 volt / 24 volt).

The perfect outdoor adventure fridge freezer solution

  • Rugged design built for the outdoors: Stainless steel body & handle construction with a damage-resistant polymer coating
  • Large capacity: 40L capacity equivalent to 62 cans or 32 bottles good for 3 people for 4 days
  • Dual power modes: Max Rapid mode uses only 45W of power when cooling & Eco mode uses only 30W
  • AC & DC powered: Can be used in your vehicle or at home
  • Reversible lid: Can be manually installed to open up on either side or can be conveniently removed
  • LCD user interface: Provides effortless navigation & complete temperature control over your fridge freezer
  • Interior LED light: Provides convenient illumination even in low-light conditions
  • Durable exterior: Withstand the elements with a rugged stainless steel body design and resilient weatherproof polymer coating





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