Scooters And One Wheels

Every thing you want to find out about Colchester e-scooter evaluation

The start of an electric scooter trial in Colchester is only a few weeks away.

Trials are ongoing in Chelmsford and Basildon to see if the mode of transport can be a viable part of a greener future for Essex.

Trial version – the orange e-scooters from Spin

Who is doing the process?

Essex County Council, Essex Police and e-scooter rental company Spin are running the program as part of the council’s safer, greener and healthier transportation campaign.

The Colchester trial is slated to begin later this month, but a specific date has not yet been confirmed.

The experiments start on a small scale and are evaluated before each expansion.

A map of the Colchester test area is to be published.

Essex County Council will allow everyone to share their views and experiences during the process.

Not only will it test how safe the system can be for electric scooter users, but it will also measure the impact it could have on all road users.

Do i have to wear a helmet?

As part of the program, the bike website is providing 5,000 free helmets to Spin riders.

Although not a legal requirement in the UK, it is recommended that all drivers wear a helmet.

Steve Pyer, UK Country Manager at Spin, said: “We are committed to driver safety and we have a responsibility to drivers not only to exceed vehicle safety standards but also to inform them of best safety practices.

“Wearing a helmet is critical to the personal safety of an e-scooter. By providing free Lazer helmets, we hope that every Spin rider in Essex will wear one while driving around their local area.”

Travel attempts – electric scooter rental pilots are to be rolled out in Colchester

What are the rules when renting an e-scooter?

Only spin scooters rented as part of this trial are legal on Essex streets.

Private scooters remain illegal except on private land.

Spin e-scooters are legally allowed to go anywhere that bicycles are legally allowed to drive – therefore they are not allowed to drive on sidewalks.

You must have a driver’s license and insurance to legally ride a Spin e-scooter and you must be at least 18 years old.

The Spin e-scooters are branded in bright orange so that they are easily recognizable.

Everyone who wants to rent an e-scooter receives compulsory training before they can rent one. The booking can only be saved after the training has been completed.

After completing the training, the e-scooters can be booked using a free Spin web app.

The scooters can be operated at a maximum speed of 24 km / h.

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