Drone Lovers Discover a New Haven within the Anza Borrego Desert

Launching Peace and Freedom in the Sky: The Drone Zone Sanctuary Opens Its Doors to Dronists Nationwide

The Drone Zone Sanctuary, a unique 40-acre space dedicated to drone enthusiasts, officially opens in the Anza Borrego desert, offering a new retreat for drone operators of all skill levels. Founded by Eric Hanscom, a Carlsbad-based intellectual property attorney and drone aficionado, the sanctuary aims to provide a peaceful and hassle-free environment for dronists.

The sanctuary’s inception was inspired by Hanscom’s visit to the John Denver Sanctuary in Aspen. “I walked through the John Denver Sanctuary and felt an incredible calm come over me. I read the words, heard the river, and smelled the flowers – it was just peaceful,” Hanscom recalls. This experience highlighted a stark contrast to the frequent disturbances faced by drone flyers, motivating him to establish a serene haven for drone enthusiasts.

Located at Inspiration Point Road, the Drone Zone Sanctuary encompasses an expansive desert parcel, including an old, abandoned landing strip. Hanscom and his wife, who co-own the land, were surprised by the parcel’s vastness. “We walked, and walked, and lost sight of our car, but just kept following the boundary markers until we got back to the car,” he shared, emphasizing the sanctuary’s ample space for drone flying.

The discovery of the landing strip within the sanctuary’s boundaries has already sparked interest among fixed-wing model aircraft owners. Hanscom humorously notes, “My drone flights can be judged by the cactus and ocotillo, and I haven’t heard any complaints from them so far.”

Access to the sanctuary is advised for 4WD vehicles only, due to its location on a sandy 4WD trail. Drone enthusiasts seeking solace and freedom to practice their craft are encouraged to reach out to Hanscom directly for more information.

For further details about the Drone Zone Sanctuary, interested individuals can visit the sanctuary’s Facebook page or the DroneZone.club website.

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