DNA My Canine Important Breed ID Check


Discover Your Dog’s Heritage & Health Insights

Uncover what makes your dog so unique. Learn about their breed breakdown, associated health concerns, and personality traits, plus tips for unleashing a better bond with your best bud.


  • Accurate report: Get a detailed breed ID certificate revealing your dog’s DNA mix & heritage
  • Universal compatibility: Perfect for adopted dogs & those with mixed breeds
  • Wide database: Confirm over 300 breeds in your dog for accurate results you can trust
  • Unique personality traits: Discover your pet’s personality traits via genetic data, gaining insights into their temperament & preferences
  • Fast & easy: Get results in about 2 weeks after we receive your dog’s DNA sample, so you can start the discovery journey right away


What you’ll discover with Essential Breed ID Test

  • Complete breed breakdown
  • Genetic health concerns
  • Unique personality traits
  • Bonding tips

Breeds we test for

With over 350 breeds in the genetic database, DNA My Dog covers every available breed in the world. Get to know some of the breeds, and their traits, that you might find within your dog’s DNA. Learn more here. 


How the test works

  1. Fetch. Order your test kit and register it online.
  2. Sit & Swab. Take your pup’s sample.
  3. Wait. Send it back to us and wait for your results.




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