Deeper Connect Air Portable VPN Travel Router


The All-in-One Travel & Security Essential

Securely access your work files, stream your favorite shows, and enjoy complete online safety all on the go and without a monthly fee!  Perfect for travelers, remote workers, and anyone who prioritizes online security and freedom. The Deeper Connect Air is your ultimate internet solution.

One-stop shop for unbounded internet access

  • Unbreakable privacy: Military-grade encryption protects your data anywhere in the world, even on public Wi-Fi. ️
  • Subscription-free freedom: Enjoy a lifetime of secure browsing without any recurring costs!
  • Global content at your fingertips: Bypass geographical restrictions and access your favorite streaming services like Netflix and YouTube, no matter your location!
  • Ultimate parental control: Keep your kids safe online with one-click parental controls
  • Effortless setup: Plug-and-play simplicity – no configuration needed!
  • Blazing-fast speeds: Stream seamlessly with a powerful 300 Mbps connection
  • Multi-device powerhouse: Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously for shared secure browsing
  • Pocket-sized security: Lightweight and compact design (26g) for ultimate portability
  • Web3 ready: Explore the future of the internet with support for over 80 Web3.0 features

No annual fees or subscriptions!

Comes fully loaded with DPN (Decentralized VPN), Ad blocking, and Cybersecurity features. DPN uses decentralized technology for a serverless network architecture. 


  • High security: User information is securely stored in personal devices & protected by enterprise-grade cybersecurity
  • Lifetime free: absolutely no annual fees or subscriptions
  • Stable: 80,000+ nodes around the world means users will always have high-speed access to any geographic region
  • Intelligent: Software intelligently switches nodes according to internet usage; multiple nodes can be used simultaneously for different applications
  • Block ALL ads: Even pesky YouTube ads
  • Web3.0 infrastructure: A decentralized, safe & democratic network
  • Blockchain mining: Earn DPR to get access additional services 

User scenarios

  • Providing secure access to sensitive data while traveling
  • Overcoming geographical limits for access to services like Netflix & YouTube
  • Offering protection while using public Wi-Fi in cafes, airports, etc.

Why choose Deeper Connect Air

  • Decentralized private network  ✔
  • Servers: 150,000+
  • Ads blocking ✔
  • Geo unblocking ✔
  • Supports all devices ✔
  • $0/month ✔


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