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Clicks Creator Keyboard case can have you typing prefer it’s 2010 another time

Back in 2010, when the key to happiness was a double rainbow across the sky and Insane Clown Posse had everybody wondering how magnets work, phones with physical keyboards were all the rage – and the Clicks Creator Keyboard brings those days right back.

If you’ve ever wished your iPhone 14 Pro, 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max could be more BlackBerry, this case adds a full QWERTY to it. There’s a Lightning or USB-C connector on the inside, so when you slip your iPhone into the rubbery sheath it draws the necessary power from your phone’s battery rather than needing one of its own.

iOS will treat Clicks like any other physical keyboard accessory, so the on-screen QWERTY will no longer pop up when you need to type something, freeing up space on your phone’s screen. It also unlocks the various shortcuts that are now baked into iOS, so you’ll have new ways to navigate your phone that aren’t available without a keyboard connected.

The Clicks Creator Keyboard also supports wireless charging, plus there’s even a backlight for when you’re tapping out epic texts in the dark. Just don’t forget to take a break for the occasional game of Angry Birds. It wouldn’t feel like 2010 without it.

Of course, having your phone riding inside one makes it much less pocketable (the 15 Pro Max version is over 20cm tall) but if you’re the kind of person who bashes out more than just texts and tweets on their iPhone, that might be a price worth paying.

The actual price is $139 for the iPhone 14 Pro and 15 Pro versions, while the bigger 15 Pro Max will set you back an extra $20.

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