Chopper + Dicer for Greens


Invest in the safest, most versatile kitchen slicer ever made. Say goodbye to dangerous chopping and say hello to the mandoliner! This innovative mandoline cuts perfectly even slices, with a choice of 1-8mm. The blades are hidden inside the casing, preventing your hands from ever going near them! With 30+ slicing options, the mandoliner is perfect for cutting everything from summer salads to winter root vegetables. Its compact design also allows it folds down for easy storage. Plus, it takes up little counter or cupboard space and is an excellent addition to anyone’s kitchen!

  • Safer. Prevents your hands from ever going near the built-in blades
  • 30+ slicing options. Cuts perfectly-even slices from 1-8mm in thickness while also offering julienne, matchstick & dicing options
  • Compact design. Folds down for easy storage
  • Included brush. Eliminates buildup on the blades
  • Food catch container. Keeps countertops clean
  • Small size. Takes up only little counter or cupboard space


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