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Canyon’s all-purpose Grizl:ON e-bikes do not want roads

While the good people of the Netherlands ride serenely to work down purpose-built, tulip-lined cycle lanes, commuting by bike in the UK is more of an extreme sport – but the Canyon Grizl:ON CF Trail looks up to the task.

Whether it’s dodging phone-hypnotised pedestrians, running the gauntlet of Deliveroo scooters, or going off-road to avoid any altercations with enraged Uber drivers, this is a dependable daily rider that’s just as happy when the Tarmac turns to dirt. 

Housed within the carbon frame is a Bosch SX motor that produces 55Nm of torque, so whether you need help getting off the line quickly at some busy traffic lights, or making it up a muddy hill in the rain, there’s plenty of power behind the pedals. Rock Shox Rudy Ultimate XPLR suspension also means it can cope with riding over holes of the pot and rabbit variety equally well. 

The 400Wh battery has a range of up to 100km, although you can add a 250Wh range extender if you’ve got a particularly epic commute, and the built-in lights will stay on for two hours after you’ve used up all the power in the tank. 

Canyon has mounted a Lupine Nano SL headlight on the handlebars, with a reworked housing that keeps the cables neat and tidy. There are also controls to change the beam setting. The two red lights at the back sit within the contours of the seat stays, so they remain visible even when you’ve got panniers onboard, but are also easily replaceable.

The CF Trail (£7649/€7999) isn’t the only bike in Canyon’s Grizl:ON range either. There’s also the CF 9 (£6699/€6999), which at 15.3kg is the lightest of the bunch; the CF Daily (£5249/€5499), which comes with mudguards and a rear rack; and the entry level CF 7, which at £4799/€4999 is the most affordable one. 

All have carbon fibre frames, are available in five sizes, and can be bought right now.

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