Blackout Buddy Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Emergency Flashlight (Red Cross Edition)


Safeguard your home from potential hazards emanating from gas or wood-burning fireplaces, leaking gas appliances, and more. Just simply plug in the Blackout Buddy CO and let this device do its magic! This compact device offers continuous protection by detecting CO levels in real-time, displaying crucial information through its large LED. Ideal for low wall sockets, it ensures uninterrupted vigilance with replaceable AA batteries during power outages. Always ready for action, this smart device not only detects CO but also serves as an emergency light during blackouts. Stay protected 24/7 with the Blackout Buddy CO – your vigilant companion in safety.

With American Red Cross logo!

  • Active CO sensor. Detects dangerous Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas from common sources
  • Easy to use. Simply plug it in a low wall socket – no installation required!
  • Large LED display. Shows you the CO levels in real-time
  • 2 power sources. Can be used either plugged into a standard 120V AC outlet or with replaceable AA batteries
  • Built-in LED flashlight. Gives you reliable illumination once the power is out
  • Backup replaceable AA batteries. Provides added security & continuous protection even when power is out


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